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The information and opinions contained on this blog pertain to my experience and background in communications and marketing. While I hope that the articles posted will be of interest to those in my profession and to anyone who happens to stumble across them, I respectfully request that any and all information taken from my work be referenced back to me and that you provide your thoughts and opinions in the Comments area.


My intent is to share and create a healthy dialog — hey, you don't have to agree with me, just be able to counter anything you read with your own experience and be open to my response —  it will always be written respecfully.


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By Cheryl E. Walters, Apr 24 2016 12:30AM

A childhood friend of mine is retiring in a few days after 30 years in the Tech industry and I wanted to share a few of her key thoughts:

"I had no idea that my computer science degree in 1986 would lead to 25 years in the tech industry. Was there even a "tech industry" in 1986? The Internet was just a plaything for academia... Who knew what it would become?

Pursuing a career in tech was the best decision I ever made. I got to work on cool stuff and met some awesome people...My advice to all of you... Don't be afraid of math and science. Even if sitting in a cube programming all day isn't your thing, there are tons of careers in the industry that provide social interaction, creativity, and excitement! And maybe the opportunity to retire at 51 to follow your dreams."

Congrats Jo, way to go girl!

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